Films to watch out for this week – 25th April – 1st May 2016

Good Morrow fellow film lovers!

Yes, you may notice a Shakespeare reference or two in this weeks column/article/post whatever you would like to call it.

Well we couldn’t let his 4ooth Anniversary of his death float by without a mention could we? No that would be wrong of us.

Now, to mark this occasion, I will be using a few of his quotes and lines from a few of his works, so watch out! (I will underline them for those of you who are not familiar with him)

He was an alright Gent was good old William!

Wasn’t he?

I mean he has provided us with pages of text written in a language that most of us don’t really understand! We should be grateful!

I would be the first one to admit that I do find his works quite complicated at times! Although I am getting into the swing of things on that front!

Right! Are we ready?

Let’s go…..

Scream Park –Released in the UK Monday 25th April 2016

I’m jumping straight into this week and starting with a Horror. I haven’t heard of this one before as it was originally released into the public domain in 2013. Why it has taken forever and a day for it to be released in the UK I don’t kn but, well, thats a topic for another day.

With a budget of $3,000,000, Cary Hill has written and directed this supposed scare – fest of a closing down amusement park that is struggling due to lack of ticket sales. Wanting a media stunt to spark interest, Mr Hyde (I wonder where they got that name from!) hires two henchman to dispatch the employees one by one.

From reading the synopsis and watching the trailer this looks very interesting. With a limited budget, it has a local feel to it. I’m not the biggest fan of horrors, however I am very intrigued as to see what this may be.

Unfortunately it may be a little difficult to source this film straight away as I don’t think it is released into the big cinema chains.

If you would like a little bit of a jump in your seat, yell off with his head and have a gander at this:


Capsule – Released at the Sci-Fi London International Film Festival on Wednesday 27th April 2016

I am always at the front of the queue to protest when it comes to Sci-Fi films. In my opinion the majority are just plain boring! However, I am prepared for the good of the Filmnight podcast to reserve judgment on this next one.

Capsule was released in the UK on 23rd December 2015 and stars Edmund Kingsley as Guy Taylor. The film follows Guy, an experienced British fighter pilot, who is in charge of the first British manned mission to space. Pretty similar to The Martian then?

And we all know what we thought of that!

Please Sci-Fi creator! That it should come to this?

The same old film recycled time after time? Please can we have a little originality?


Ok then!

I think I should leave this here before I get on my high horse again! A horse! A horse! A kingdom for my horse! (Do you like that! I thought you would!)

Anyway……… here is the trailer:

Err….. I think we may have a problem! I can’t seem to be able to find trailer link. Perhaps this is telling us something about the film! Who knows!

Well this is a first!

You can find one, should you nosey onto another famous film website. I won’t go any further that that!

Golden Years –Released in the UK Friday 29th April 2016

Next up, it’s a comedy. With everything going on in the UK at the moment, what with the retirement age increasing year after year, why not create a comedy about it? Yes! That’s an idea.

Staring the likes of Simon Callow (A Shakespearian Actor did you know?) and Sue Johnston, this British production leads a well to do retired couple into a life of crime. Arthur and Martha Goode, annoyed with the fact that they are losing a percentage of their pension, decide to start robbing banks.

The question I ask is this. Is it so bad that it’s funny? Who can deny Zimmer Frames (walking frames for our american cousins) that turn into paintball guns or actors in their 70’s running around town wearing clown masks?

‘True is it that we have seen better days’ may be what I say when I leave the cinema after watching this but then again I may be saying ‘though this be madness, yet there is method in ‘t’.

If you would like to see Gangsta Grannies and Granddads hatch their next crime of the century, then please take a look at this:


Right, that concludes this weeks pick of films of you to keep your eye on.

Also before I sign off. If you can come up with an good name for this segment, please let me know. I’m all ears.

Ok! it’s time for me to go, but I will leave you with this……..


“The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool” – Hamlet


Till next time…………


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