Films to watch out for this week – 18th April – 24th April 2016

Good Day!

How are you dear reader?

Me? I hear you say. I am rather well thank you. I’m writing this while sat at my desk drinking a warm mug if coffee.

Now, some of you may be reading this thinking ‘Why is he telling me about him? Isn’t this supposed to be a film review website? It is of course called after all!’

Well you would be correct. It is in fact somewhere where we sit down and tell you the best and worst of all things film.

However, we do need to get the formalities out of the way don’t we? We are British after all. (If you are reading this and are not British, well then, erm…………..)

Heck! Let’s jump into it shall we? Ok Let’s go!

Now I think I should probably start by letting you know about what I hope for this particular column should we say of the website. As the title clearly states, I will be letting you know about what films are going to be released in the week ahead, whether they be in the cinema, on DVD or Blue Ray, or at various film festivals around the world.

Ok, got it?


Here we go…….

Barbershop: The Next Cut – Released in the UK Monday 19th April 2016

Staring a gentleman called Ice Cube (who knows who he is?), this American Comedy follows on from it’s earlier films Barbershop (2002) and Barbershop 2 (2004). When the streets surrounding Calvin’s Barbershop turn into a playground for crime and destruction, the staff at the now co-ed shop plan to turn their neighbourhood back to what it was like before.

Having not seen the previous two films, it is a little difficult to comment on where this third film will lead. There has been a long gap so perhaps not seeing the first two isn’t a major problem. This is the generic two hours american comedy that is defined as fun for all the family. It does also star Nicki Minaj (did you know she was an actress?) and Cedric the Entertainer (yes that is his stage name).

If you feel like this may be up your neighbourhood (see what I did there?) well check out this trailer:


Bastille Day – Released in the UK Friday 22nd April 2016

Many peoples favourite man takes centre screen (does that work?) for this next release.

Yes that is right, its only blooming Idris Elba!

When Michael Mason, played by Richard Madden, joins forces with an ex CIA agent who goes by the name of Sean Brier, together they launch an anti-terrorist mission in France.

Directed by James Watkins, who directed the 2012 film adaptation of A Woman in Black featuring Daniel Radcliffe, this high energy, heart pounding action film ticks all the boxes from first glance. It really does look like a treat for the weekend.

Yes, it hits the UK on Friday 22nd April. If you can’t wait that long, then check out this trailer:


Jane Got a Gun – Released in the UK Friday 22nd April 2016

‘Whip Crack Away, Whip Crack Away, Whip Crack Away!’ The famous words of Calamity Jane.

Talking of a different Jane, this one has got a gun in this American Western. It has been out in America for a little while now, and I will be completely honest, I haven’t really heard anything about it. That’s not to say it won’t be a good bit of cinema.

The director, Gavin O’Connor, is backed up with a well known cast. Taking on the lead role of Jane Hammond is Natalie Portman, with Ewan McGregor portraying one of the evil violent Bishop Boys, John to be exact (No not that one!)

In my humble opinion, and ok it is only my humble opinion, Westerns are a little old weathered. This means that something has to be done with them to make them stand out and be different to everything else that is out at the moment.

I tell you what. How about we jump onto that horse and gallop down the western desert to watch this trailer:


Immune – Released in the UK Saturday 23rd April 2016

Our final release for this week is the film all about Zombies.

James Fisher (Christopher Clarke) is the only one to be immune to a virus that has destroyed the world. Getting used to his new situation, nine months later, he is greeted with a fellow surviver who turns up from out of nowhere.

The film follows the emotional journey of these two characters as they get aquatinted to one another and find their feet in a world that is completely different to what they have been used to.

Now if you listen to the podcasts, then you will be well aware that I am a fan of a British Film. This most defiantly is one. Filmed in Coventry and the West Midlands, with a small budget of £180,000, hopefully this is an Independent film that we can all be proud of.


So that rounds up this weeks look ahead to what may be worth a watch. I will be back next week with more delightful gems hidden away to be unearthed.


Till next time…….

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