M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘The Visit’ is impossible to predict

The Visit

I love horror films. I never like to watch them alone, but I just love the whole feeling of not knowing what’s around the corner and the build up of suspense makes them an exhilarating watch. I know this is going to sound ridiculous and an obvious point to make, but when I watch a horror film it’s a completely different feeling to watching anything else. Good horror films especially, they just seem to stay with you for a long time after it’s over. Continue reading “M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘The Visit’ is impossible to predict”

Give Dad’s Army Remake A Chance

Dad's Army

When I initially heard about the planned cinema remake of the classic British sitcom ‘Dad’s Army’, I was quite apprehensive really.

I can’t claim to be a big ‘Dad’s Army’ fan but I certainly remember enjoying the odd episodes when I was younger with my granddad, who was definitely and still is a big fan of the show. I suppose I’m just growing increasingly frustrated with the sudden growth in popularity of remakes, and not just any old remakes. We’re talking about hugely influential TV shows and films that I really think would be best left alone. Continue reading “Give Dad’s Army Remake A Chance”

High Expectations For Southpaw

Jake Gyllenhaal Bulked Up Massively For The Role
Jake Gyllenhaal Bulked Up Massively For The Role

As soon as the trailer for ‘Southpaw’ ended I said to myself, “I have to see this”.

Occasionally films do that, somehow they just captivate you from the moment you lay eyes on the trailer. There aren’t any concrete reasons as to why ‘Southpaw’ was one of those films for me. Continue reading “High Expectations For Southpaw”