The Hateful Eight: New Trailer



Earlier in the week, a new poster for Quentin Tarantino’s new western ‘The Hateful Eight’ was released. It was, therefore, predictable that we would soon be treated to a first real trailer for the film (see below).

What a treat it is, too. As a lover of all Tarantino’s films, this trailer has me very excited to experience some more blood-filled rampages, cool, slick dialogue and a classic Tarantino cast. Similar to ALL of Tarantino’s films, ‘The Hateful Eight’ will heavily feature the themes of betrayal and revenge. Objectively, this should bore me by this point, but Tarantino’s scripts always manage to keep the idea fresh and his ability to create an insane amount of tension constantly blows me away.

After seeing the wintery western trailer, my high hopes remain so and I look forward to reviewing it in detail after I see it.

‘The Hateful Eight’ will be released at Christmas, 2015. Here’s the trailer:



And here’s the poster from earlier in the week:


Author: Richie Withers

Co-Creator, editor, writer & presenter for Film Night.

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