Deadpool: First Official Trailer


The Deadpool trailer has finally been released and, by now, you have probably already seen it. Everyone has. However, in case you haven’t seen it for whatever reason, we’ve got you covered.

Along with the rest of the World, I’ve been waiting for this moment with excitement in my heart. The idea of having an “R-rated” Deadpool film seems long-awaited by now. Ryan Reynolds is wonderfully immature in his performance, from what we can see. I genuinely believe he is the only actor capable of making us forget his previous portrayal of the character.

The trailer is both funny and action-packed, which is no longer a new trick for Marvel. My only worry for the film is that it may go too far with it’s “R-rated” gimmick and end up feeling like a child who’s just learned the word ‘fuck’. I refer to a moment in the trailer that features an old lady and the phrase ‘A dick in your mouth’. Giving an old person a swear word seems to be a cop-out for comedy these days. The films might think they’re being risqué but they’re not. It’s been done a million times and it’s not funny. I’m not going to judge Deadpool on this one joke, I’m just stating it as a concern for how the film might play out.

Nevertheless, my hopes are still high after seeing the trailer and I’m very much looking forward to seeing the end product. Below is the official trailer, as well as the short teaser FOR the trailer, which was released the other day. Enjoy!


Here’s the teaser that was released the other day:


And here’s the official red-band trailer:

Author: Richie Withers

Co-Creator, editor, writer & presenter for Film Night.

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